Anna Ulrike Calledda

Strategic Communication

in the process of

Transformation and Success

for people and business



Knowledge is Power

Intelligence is even more Power


Half Danish, half Italian, born (1977) and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark

Speak and write: Danish, English, French, Italian

Master in Business Administration & Organisational Communication, CBS

Degree in Innovation & Entrepreneurship, CBC

According to Keirsey’s personal test I am a champion idealist.

If you know Belbin’s grouptest : I am a shaper and a implementer.

My Biggest Accomplishments :

Inspired more than 1000 young people about life, education & career

Acting & Rapping on Stage with Own productions

External Examination at Copenhagen Business Academy

Teaching in Rhetorics at Copenhagen University

My Thesis about Credible Communication (A+)

When I in 2000 – 2003 founded 300.000 Euro to a Skatepark

 My blog piece 4 love about life, style & responsibility in a fashionable way


This picture is a little memory of the past 20 years:

Anna Calledda

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