Anna Ulrike Calledda

Creative Performer



Knowledge is Power

Knowledge about Yourself


Power over Yourself

It took me 20 years to realise

that when I use my intuition

Life Gets Easier to Live.


I hope you have the life you wish for.

I hope you follow your heart.

I hope you want to take care of earth and living beings.

My Biggest Accomplishments :

Inspired more than 1000 young people about life, education & career

Acting & Rapping on Stage with Own productions

External Examination at Copenhagen Business Academy

Teaching in Rhetorics at Copenhagen University

My Thesis about Credible Communication (A+)

When I in 2000 – 2003 founded 300.000 Euro to a Skatepark

 My blog piece 4 love about life, style & responsibility in a fashionable way

My handmade accessories here


Half Danish, half Italian, born (1977) and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark

Speak and write: Danish, English, French, Italian

  • Master in Business Administration & Organisational Communication, CBS
  • Degree in Innovation & Entrepreneurship, CBC
  • Find me here @twitter , @insta , @youtube , @pinterest


According to Keirsey’s personal test I am a rare champion idealist.

If you know Belbin’s grouptest : I am a shaper and a implementer.

Anna Calledda

Thanks for checking my cv.

Follow my list of success


Do your best