Art of Life

Life is Art


Why do we learn to write and count?

But we never learn how to breath and control our thoughts?

The manifest Art of Life is an introduction

to how you enable yourself to create your own life.

The manifest contains knowledge about life you wished you had before.

Since knowledge is intelligence there are no definite solutions on how to live life,
but there are some basic rules we all need to know,
in order to be free thinking human beings.

I introduce you to the most important knowledge you need to be a human being.

You not only get the introduction via mail,

you also get access to videos, links, and extra knowledge about life.

with the best info about life

you wished you had before.

Life is Art


So not only do you get the introduction manifest, you also get access to:

  • videos
  • links
  • extra knowledge about life


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Art of Life supports A World of Equality

which is why 20 kroner of each purchase is handed to Women in Focus

Love – Honesty – Equality